Below is a list of 7 steps you can take to increase traffic to your website and grow your business:

Set up Google analytics: This is an important first step as Google analytics will give you a detailed insight into who is visiting your website, where they are coming from and which keywords are converting. It lets you gather an endless amount of info about your website traffic, from social media referrals, length of visits to bounce rates and other visitor behaviour.

SEO copywriting: If you can’t afford to pay for month by month Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) then the next best thing is finding a professional copywriter for your website. They will rewrite and style your website copy in a search engine friendly way, which can give your website rankings a huge boost.

Give away something for free – a free quote, free advice, free survey, free samples – whichever you can afford and you think would be most desired by your potential customers. This can help you get first valuable contact with potential customers – if they like what you have provided for free then they may come back as paying customers.

Find your keywords: Focus on a handful of keywords you would like to optimise your business for and keep them in mind whenever you write blog posts, website copy, Facebook and Twitter content, basically whenever you write about your business online. The more focused you are with your keywords, the better. Google has a handy tool which allows you to analyse search volume and competition for your keywords, and even lets you see which keywords your competitors have focused on. Google Keyword Tool

Create a Facebook Page and Twitter account for your business, and link them to each other. Even if you’re not a social media guru, in this day and age there really is no way to get away from these two social media networks.Both Facebook and Twitter allow you to create a vanity URL for your business (i.e., style the pages using your logo and integrating your business branding, and extend the pages with widgets and useful links. Link to other businesses and post or repost interesting content as frequently as you can.

Start writing a blog, and link it to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You should add regular, useful and relevant blog posts to your blog. This is one of the best ways to increase your website’s rankings in Google, especially if you write about topics relevant to your business. Make sure your keywords are found in your blog posts and blog headings. Ideally you should be adding content to your blog on a weekly or at least monthly basis.

The best blogging platform for SEO and useability purposes is If you’re tech savvy you should be able to easily install a WordPress blog yourself (details can be found on their website) or have it set up for you. The latter option allows the blog to be visually integrated into your website, or you could even ask your designer to run your whole website on the WordPress platform. But a WordPress designer should not only focus on the design aspect of your WordPress blog, but should also ensure that all the important social media, backup and SEO plugins are installed – make sure you ask about these as they are fundamental to keeping your blog content safe and to making full use of your blogs potential in increasing your search engine rankings and boosting your social media presence.

Connect with other businesses in your sector and or local area – make sure you don’t isolate yourself from the rest of the business community. The right connections can be a great source of information and even potential customers. Ask if you can write on their blogs and link back to your own website, or just have a link on their business site.

 How to Grow Your Business Online-Fundamentals Explained